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1 Busher Place, Capel WA
24 Hour Electrician - EC 010446
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  • As an electrical contractor, there may be times when we need to engage with Western Power to request particular services such as meter installations, temporary connections, and standard disconnections and reconnections.


    A. This is a request by an Electrical Contractor to The Network Operator.

    • Install a single or three phase temporary overhead supply.
    • Temporary disconnection and reconnection.
    • Phase conversion or upgrade overhead cable.
    • Overhead to underground power conversion.
    • Meter installation and mains connection – standard supply.
    • Isolation of supply to add a meter
    • We can consult and advise on applying for any of these services.

    All of these Network related services have associated fees that need to be paid by the customer at the time of application, further information can be sought at the following website


    Consumer Pole, Point of Attachment attachment Works and Private power Poles
    Inspection and maintenance of private overhead power lines and poles

    It is important that you inspect your private power lines and poles at least once a year and after severe weather events, to check for any visible signs of deterioration. However, you must never climb a pole, approach the wires, attempt any electrical repairs yourself or cut any vegetation near an energised power line. Contact with live wires can kill!

    It is recommended that you check for obvious defects, such as:

    • leaning poles;
    • low hanging or damaged wires;
    • large cracks or termite damage in wood poles; and
    • corrosion in steel poles at the ground line.

    Vegetation should be maintained and kept at least two metres clear of power lines. 

    If you come across any obvious or suspected defects during a visual inspection, immediately arrange for further inspection or repairs by a licensed electrical contractor.

    A. Consumer Pole:

    A pole supplied, installed and maintained by the consumer, on the consumer’s property, to provide ground clearance for the network operator’s overhead service cables.

    Network Service Requests - Consumer Poles

    A. Yes, Private overhead power lines are your responsibility.

    Power lines which transport electricity from your main switchboard and meter to your home or other buildings are private power lines. This includes the pole where the network operator’s overhead service cable is attached and/or the switchboard/meter box is located.

    If you have private power lines or a private power pole on your property, it is your responsibility to inspect and maintain them.

    This is not new. It has always been the property owner’s responsibility to maintain all electrical equipment they own in a safe condition.

    Further information can be obtained at the following website 



    Network Service Requests - Consumer Poles 2

    • WA Contractors Licence
    • WA Electrical Licence
    • WorkSafe Licence
    • Working In Confined Spaces
    • Forklift Licence
    • Senior First Aid, St John’s Ambulance
    • Working At Heights
    • Elevated Work Platforms
    • WA Driver’s Licence
    • Structured Cabling, LAN Design And Implementation
    • WA Excavators Licence
    • BSBMGT402A Implement Operational Plan                          
    • BSBPMG510A Manage Projects
    • BSB Promote Team Effectiveness
    • BSBWOR40B Develop Work Priorities

    Plus a variety of licenses from working directly as a  Western Power project network operator.

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