1 Busher Place, Capel WA
24 Hour Electrician - EC 010446
1 Busher Place, Capel WA
24 Hour Electrician - EC 010446
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  • Donnybrook / Balingup Electrician Emergency 24hr Electrical Service Servicing Donnybrook, Balingup, Bunbury, Busselton and Surrounding Rural Areas!

    Donnybrook – Balingup Electrician – local electrician

    We complete a variety of electrical work in Donnybrook – Balingup and regularly provide our electrical services to the government , commercial and residential sectors.

    We offer a FAST, affordable, efficient service with over 25+ years of electrical contracting experience. We help power the following towns in the DONNYBROOK region: Localities of Argyle, Balingup, Beelerup, Brazier, Brookhampton, Charley Creek, Donnybrook, Glen Mervyn, Grimwade, Kirup, Lowden, Mullalyup, Newlands, Paynedale, Queenwood , Southampton, Thomson Brook, Upper Capel, Yabberup. If you’re looking for and EMERGENCY ELECTRICIAN help with generators, electrical installations, general electrical contracting, electrical inspections, testing, reporting, switchboard upgrades and repairs, and main or sub main installations make sure you contact us for a prompt and professional quote. You can reach us on CHAT, call or email us. We’d love to hear from you.
    We know how important power is and understand this extends to you. If you call us we will do our best to respond in a timely fashion and get your power back on if we can. Call Us Now  0498 203 291 or get in touch here

    As cost increase for energy it is becoming much more important to give consideration to the type of equipment that is on your electrical installation.

    New technology, principally through the medium of control and higher efficiency lighting products has become affordable and will provide pay backs over a period of time.

    Advice can be provided as to the benefits to you should you wish to rationalist your energy costs.



    It is good practice to inspect and test an electrical installation at regular intervals.

    As an electrical installation ages the wiring and components can start to fail, a good way to ensure your electrical installations health is to test the circuits that are on on it.

    This ensures the readings fall within the perimeters set out by the standards and can be a good indicators as to where faults are likely to arise from in the future.

    Visual inspections will pick up on overheating cables and non complaint or unsafe situations that can increase the fire and electric shock.

    No matter if it is an additional power outlet and light or complete electrical infrastructure for your shed or workshop, we can provide everything that you will need to get the job done!

    If you are setting up an outside shed or workshop – we offer complete Shed and Workshop Electrical Wiring solutions.


    Visual checks & Testing will determine the health of your electrical installation. If you property needs to be rewired then we have the skills to do so. Fixed price quotes can be offered by means of a scope of works that suits your needs and budget.

    New and additions to existing electrical installations. Installation of cable containment systems for sub- mains and final sub circuits.


    LED upgrades, External and general amenity lighting. LEDs are the future of lighting.

    They last longer, use less energy, are much cooler to run and provide a better quality of light.

    They also support your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of energy needed to light an area.


    Is your domestic or commercial property switchboard aged or damaged? Are fuses blowing suddenly or circuit breakers tripping frequently?

    If so, it’s time to consider a switchboard upgrade.