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    Switchboard Upgrade

    Is your domestic or commercial property switchboard aged or damaged? Are fuses blowing suddenly or circuit breakers tripping frequently?

    If so, it’s time to consider a switchboard upgrade.

    A switchboard is the core of a building’s electrical wiring. It directs the main supply to all the circuits powering the home or business and the reliability of your switchboard is critical to ensuring the safety of occupants.

    Switchboard Upgrades can help correct electrical issues. Fuses blowing or power tripping out frequently? An aged or damaged switchboard could be the problem!

    Discussing your needs with a licensed electrician will mean that considerations like supply availability can also be assessed. Whether you need a switchboard upgrade for domestic or commercial premises, we can help.

    A. Your switchboard provides a means of isolation in the event of a fault, it also protects the installation from short circuit, offers differential earth leakage protection, protects against fire and electrocution.
    A. Service Protection Device (SPD): A fuse, circuit breaker or other device on which the consumers mains are terminated and which limits fault current into a consumer’s installation, provides overload protection for the consumers mains and metering equipment and enables the installation to be disconnected from the network operator’s supply.
    A. A Main Switch Isolates your electrical installation to enable safe isolation.
    A. A circuit breaker provides automatic disconnection in the event of a short circuit fault, principally overloading and short circuit.
    RCD vs Circuit Breaker

    A. Western Australia’s Building Regulations 2012 (the Regulations) sets out the requirements for home-owners to have compliant smoke alarms installed:

    • prior to the sale or transfer of ownership;
    • where a dwelling is rented under a residential tenancy agreement or made available for such rental; and
    • where a dwelling is made available for hire.
    A. An RCD, or residual current device, is a life-saving device which is designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you touch something live, such as a bare wire.
    It can also provide some protection against electrical fires. RCDs offer a level of personal protection that ordinary fuses and circuit-breakers cannot provide.
    RCD vs Circuit Breaker

    A. An RCD is a safety device that prevents electrocution by cutting the electricity supply immediately. It works on the principle that the electricity flowing into a circuit must be equal to the current flowing out of a circuit. When you receive a shock it means an electrical current has passed through the body directly to earth.

    RCDs are fitted at the meter box and will have a test button on them. If you press the ‘test’ button or the RCD has detected an issue, the on/off switch will go to the ‘off’ position.

    RCD switches
    A minimum of two RCDs are required to ensure some light and power remains if one operates. Two RCDs also reduces the possibility of tripping due to some appliances which have low levels of earth leakage.

    A. When a person makes direct contact with electricity, it is directed away from its main path in the electrical circuit and instead goes through the person’s body to earth. A safety switch can detect the change in the electrical circuit and switches the power off in as little as 0.3 seconds.

    Fuses and circuit breakers protect against short circuits and current overloads, but only safety switches protect people from electric shock.

    Safety switches are only a back-up. They may not protect all wiring and electrical appliances and will not prevent all electric shocks.

    A. Home owners can choose to install combined circuit breaker and RCDs. These devices protect the electrical circuits and appliances as well as preventing electrocution and are an option in meter boxes with little or not spare space.

    combination rcd

    A. Portable RCDs attached to a power board or extension lead protects you when using power tools or electrical appliances outside.
    portable RCD

    A. RCDs fitted to a power point can be recognised by the test button on the face of the plate. They are made for protecting electrical appliances in your bathrooms and workshops.

    powerpoint RCD

    • WA Contractors Licence
    • WA Electrical Licence
    • WorkSafe Licence
    • Working In Confined Spaces
    • Forklift Licence
    • Senior First Aid, St John’s Ambulance
    • Working At Heights
    • Elevated Work Platforms
    • WA Driver’s Licence
    • Structured Cabling, LAN Design And Implementation
    • WA Excavators Licence
    • BSBMGT402A Implement Operational Plan                          
    • BSBPMG510A Manage Projects
    • BSB Promote Team Effectiveness
    • BSBWOR40B Develop Work Priorities

    Plus a variety of licenses from working directly as a  Western Power project network operator

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