There are more than 20 WA Electrical Inspectors who visit homes, commercial premises and construction sites to check that any new electrical equipment installed is safe and meets regulations.   Who are they?   WA Electrical Inspectors (WAEI) is owned and operated by Western Power. Their team of electrical inspectors perform a unique role on behalf of the WA safety regulator, EnergySafety. This designation is issued under the Energy Coordination Act 1994 and provides certain powers of
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switchboard corrosion and upgrade
Did you know that you could have a fire hazard sitting right under your nose? In today’s video I share an example of a non complaint domestic switchboard. Take a special note of the corrosion around the outside of the meter box – this is  due to water ingress over a prolonged period of time. You will also notice that the back of the switchboard enclosure is open, which also presents a problem. Both defects pose
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LED lighting to reduce power bill
Upgrade your home, shed, workshop or office lights to LED. LED stands for “Light-emitting diode” which is a semiconductor diode that glows when a voltage is applied. Why switch to LED? In short, this technology emits much greater light at a fraction of the cost of more conventional lamps that are still widely used in homes and offices. Historically the cost of LED luminaries was expensive, however, mass adoption has now made them an affordable
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check your wooden poles
Many people can be completely unaware that the power poles on their property are actually the property owners responsibility and not that of the power company. This is especially important to know if you’ll be purchasing rural properties with many old poles on it, as if the poles are nearing the end of their life, that is a cost that you will sustain in the future, should you purchase the property. If you own a
Learning How To Test Your RCD could just save a life! Just about everybody knows that they have an RCD / ‘safety switch’ installed at their home and take comfort in ‘thinking’ that the safety switch may save their or one of their family members lives, however what most people don’t know, is that they are not completely fail proof and things can and DO go wrong! So today we are going to teach you